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warning: if you don't have any idea what linux is you might want to skip read the next few paragraphs and continue reading below the dotted line x)

so i thought it might be a nice idea to try and switch to linux mint 16 cinnamon... turns out that was a terrible idea :la:
at first all went smoothly, installation without any derpness so i started updating the system, still everything fine...
watched youtubes to pass the time during the downloads -> screen went all :iconfacehoofplz:
so i was all
"dangit, gotta install those pesky nvidia things... just need to add-apt-repo something :dummy:
... can't remember which one" 

*meanwhile* screen going all ...


new plan (screw cinnamon && check out xfce :dummy: );
so the present installation had to go and the fun startes again ...
looked good at first, installed smeggin' nvidia-current drivers first and started updates after that -> shit works! :iconfinallyplz:

so, next thing on the "configure new system so that it looks exactly like the old system"-checklist: copy all the shit back to home ... this should be easy right?
i was like ctrl+alt+t ... nothing happened -> global hotkey for terminal was not set >.<
*some time later*
well, time to reconstruct the playlists so i wanted to search for all files ending in 'flac' in the file browser -> isn't working? :iconnotsureifplz:
 ... because it's thunar :iconfacehoofplz: -> sudo apt-get install nemo
now where do i change the default file browser... *g
*some time later*
actually xfce isn't so bad... at least setting different desktop backgrounds for multiple screens is easy :iconponyclapplz:

next item on the list: setting up ponyscape installing dependencies :D
and compiling from source... up to color-profile.o
because that file includes gdkmm/color.h
and that includes glibmm.h
and that includes glibmm/threads.h
and that file libglibmm-2.4-dev is derped up utterly broken (incomplete type, shit not declared in this scope and all sorts of fun), probably because those glibmm developers circumvent the disable_deprecated flag to use include glib.h, which brings the old thread.h in and i don't even what's going on in there ... it's a mess xD

anyway, point is: that's what deb-packages are for :>

so i installed the precompiled v0.4_patched and while i try to start it it's like 
"missing shared thingy⅞±°™™/.suckstobeyou." :icontwilightfirerageplz:
fortunately this can be fixed by installing the old imagemagick version... 
or not, because --install-suggests has to be called explicitly now for every apt-get install -.-
(why would you change the default apt configuration, why?! i mean, hard drive space isn't a thing on the desktop anymore, hdds are dirt cheap nowadays >.< )

but hey, it works ... well, at least it starts. not sure about stability yet but iirc 0.4 was pretty good :>

and did i mention, that the default screenshot setting in xfce is terrible? bringing up some popup instead of just taking the screenshot like it's supposed to do?
but that can be fixed installing gnome-screenshot and screwing with /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml :>

and did i mention that thing with the ffmpeg extra codecs for chromium because the built-in flash player is evil? ... well i guess by now you all know where this is going :D

so overall: it went swimmingly :iconderpsomeplz:

btw: if somebody is wondering why anyone would take up with all the shenanigans:
-> once you're through the initial :iconrarityfacedeskplz:-phase, it's just :iconfillypinkieplz:
(true story! ^^)

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

also: thanks for the birthday wishes and happy (late) holidays and happy new year and stuff :3

and ermahgerd: those horse episodes :la:
at least the good ones (didn't care much for the daring do / cmc one)

i mean, just take the latest episode's the moral of the story:
this assistant pony basically betrayed her current boss to get a better job ...:dummy:

and those bats and flutterhulk... this one little scene where fluttershy gets shot with that <generic_doomsday_device> and just reflects the blast back with... her face? :iconflutterswagplz:

btw: did anyone else notice that twilight should start abusing her power as princess if she wants to become a  dear leader one day? oO
i mean, in 'rarity takes over manehatten' when they try to get a taxi she could have just confiscated a cab and be done with it *g

anyway, i'll rewatch ponies anthology 3 now :3 

soo, the end :>

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  • Reading: Aldous Huxley - Brave New World
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  • Playing: chromium-browser
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  • Drinking: water


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